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              Complete Body Physical Therapy

              1452 Bronco Hwy

              Burrillville, RI 02830

Early morning and evening appointments available.

Evaluations scheduled within 24 hours. 

Physical therapy in burrillville

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Postural awareness

Every patient is either assessed or educated on proper posture and the impacts poor posture can have on them.  We want patients to not only heal and improve functionally, but prevent injuries and in many cases proper posture is one component to reach that goal.  ​


We go to great lengths to provide each patient with a better understanding of the nature of their injury or dysfunction and the reasons behind their specific course of treatment.  This is done to maximize each patient's function for a return to their everyday lives.

 Call for appointment. (401) 371-2890

Complete Body Physical Therapy

1452 Bronco Highway

Burrillville, RI 02830

(401) 371-2890

Complete Body Physical Therapy is a privately owned physical therapy practice located in northwestern Rhode Island. Since 2009, our mission has been to bring quality, hands-on care to improve the overall health of our patients in a supportive, compassionate and energetic environment. We recognize that each patient is unique and tailor care to meet their specific needs.


 With over 16 years of hands-on experience our therapists and  staff utilize an evidence based approach to physical therapy  while taking continuing education course to maximize each  treatment a patient receives.  

​​Complete care for a complete body.